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Pickles – seasonal vegetables  9
Kimchi – napa cabbage  7
Buttermilk Biscuits – confit garlic butter, chili honey  12
Chicken Bun – ssäm sauce, pickled carrots, scallions  7

Seafood Platter – oysters, gulf shrimp, king crab legs  85
Oysters (East Coast Canada) – cucumber, kimchi  24
Grilled Romaine – marcona almonds, romesco, feta cheese  18
Sepia – crispy onion, radish, crab vinaigrette  17

Roasted Rice Cakes – spicy pork sausage, chinese broccoli, tofu  19/25
Shrimp Stack Burger (McGee Farms, ON) – beef, hozon mayo, kohlrabi slaw  23
Seafood Pancake – squid, shrimp, garlic chive  27
Grilled Trout Ssäm – soy glaze, kimchi apple, sambal mayo  27

Nugget Potatoes – togarashi, kewpie mayo, spiced ham  14
Tempura Onion Rings – togarashi, kunz ketchup, ranch  14
Rapini – black garlic, salted lemon, shio kombu  14
Brussels Sprouts – fish sauce, puffed rice, mint  14
Green Beans – sichaun pepper, garlic, puffed buckwheat  14

Large Format
(feasts for the whole table – please ask for availability or reserve in advance)

Bo Ssäm (Kunan Farm, ON) – whole pork butt, oysters, kimchi, rice, lettuce 240
Salt & Pepper Lobster (Bay of Fundy, NS) – gailan, sweet chili 250
Beef Brisket (McGee Farms, ON) – steamed buns, crab mayo, green papaya slaw 290
Beef Rib Roast (McGee Farms, ON) – marrow, yorkshires, horseradish 600

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